2nd Amendment

“I have owned guns my entire adult life and I don’t want anyone taking mine or yours.  I’ve supported common sense gun legislation that was always based on how my constituents felt about the issue.  I’ve received a B- rating from the NRA.”

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Mr. Kingsley is correct. I did vote for S 1389, the concealed carry bill, and then asked for reconsideration.

S 1389 was rushed through the House. If you listen to the debate, it is clear what was going on.

I sincerely try to listen to my constituents. When the “guns on campus” bill was heard I listened to college officials, faculty members, students, community leaders and local police. All requested that I vote “no”. I voted no. The extraordinary process on the concealed carry bill, the rush, did not allow time for input. But I take responsibility for my vote.

To be clear, my sworn duty is to the Constitution and to represent the best interests of my constituents. But to represent them well, I need to consider their input. The process for S1389 did not allow for that.

I support the Second Amendment and my votes show it. (Just a few Mr. Kingsley should review include H 478 of 2016, H 301 and H 16 of 2015, S 1332 of 2014, H 223, H 258 and H183 of 2013—and there are more). I have owned guns all my adult life, and stand with responsible gun owners. The total history of my votes gave me a B- rating from the NRA

Recent House votes concerning weapons (for the actual bills, go to legislature.idaho.gov):


  • S1389, Concealed carry without permit—yes
  • H478, exempt gun ownership records from public disclosure—yes


  • H16. NRA license plate—yes
  • H301, concealed carry without permit outside of cities—yes


  • S1332—no gun seizure by state/local law enforcement—yes
  • S1254—guns on campus—no


  • H183, cities and counties cannot limit concealed carry—yes
  • H223, knives < 4inches and pepper spray exempt from concealed carry laws—yes
  • H258, permit transparency—concealed carry permit applicants have access to sheriff records—yes


  • S1375,concealed carry renewal grace period—yes
  • H444, establish on-line permitting—yes
  • H589a, limit rederal regulations on sale solely within state of Idaho—yes

Agriculture Supports Rusche

“After individuals, agricultural businesses have been my strongest supporters this campaign. Besides support from the Idaho Wheat and Barley PAC, Potato and Sugarbeet growers, and Far West Agribusiness.”

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I was named an “Ag All Star” this last year by the Idaho Food Producers.

The reason I have been supported by the Ag industry is that I have worked diligently to help bring telecommunications to rural Idaho, encouraged innovation through U of I and the agricultural extensions, and have helped keep regulations to the minimum necessary. The Farm Bureau Federation of Idaho has not endorsed any Democrats in this election cycle.

Multiple Agribusinesses and individual farmers support Rusche.

The record doesn’t lie.

Rankings and Their Use in Elections

“Almost every organization has their own ranking system. It is usually made up of a very few bills (or questions in the case of a survey) that are skewed towards a specific point of view.”

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In an election cycle I must get 20-30 ratings or surveys, from Planned Parenthood to Idaho Right to Life.

Probably the best way to look at a candidate’s position is using a broad and non-partisan survey. VoteSmart.org is a widely used and respected one. I have submitted my thoughts to them for several years. My opponent has not. He relies on selected surveys designed to give the answer he wants.

Check out my record at VoteSmart.org.

The record doesn’t lie.

Mike Kingsley’s NFIB Support

“My opponent touts his support by the NFIB, a lobbying group from Nashville, Tennessee and Washington DC.”

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I have a record of legislative accomplishments to enhance business AND the support of the largest business group in Idaho, the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, as well as local companies Clearwater Paper, Regence, Idaho Forest Products, and numerous business associations. It’s the truth—Business supports Rusche.

Co-sponsored the economic development bill that was essential to the new jobs at Vista Outdoor and the $195 million expansion at Clearwater paper. (H546, 2014)

Helped develop the compromise legislation that removed the business personal property tax on 85% of Idaho small businesses. (H315, 2013)

Initiated workforce planning regionally through departments of Commerce and Labor. (HCR 053, 2014)

The record doesn’t lie.