Good air transportation is important for the economy, for expanding and attracting new businesses.  A good airport is a great help in recruiting the doctors, nurses, engineers and management professionals a thriving community needs. I will work to keep and improve this resource.

When I heard about the planned pull-out of Alaska and the loss of our Seattle and Boise flights, I called Valley Vision, our Chamber and the Idaho Department of Commerce to see how I could help in retaining this resource.

My opponent has a different opinion of the Lewiston airport and of our community.  In the past, he sent this letter to the Lewiston Morning Tribune expressing his feelings:

Gun club, yes; airport, no

I would like to suggest that our Lewiston airport get leveled and we keep the Lewiston Gun Club. Seriously, we only have one airline serving our valley, half the people drive to Spokane, so why destroy a recreational facility that probably brings more money to our valley than the Lewiston airport?

Last week over 600 shooters came to town with their families and filled motels and restaurants. This May we will do it again with the state shoot.

Use the airport for the needed space the city needs and build a regional airport near Colton that would serve Moscow, Pullman, Lewiston and Clarkston. This would increase our numbers to the point that other airlines would clamor to come to our area. We’re talking a 15-minute ride to the airport in any direction. We would compete because of the increase in travel. Look at the economic development we could have in our city from land available where the current land that the airport takes up. The current airport is getting $8 million, put the $8 million towards a new airport if Moscow and Pullman did the same look at the nice facility we could create.

We have lost a bowling alley, a swimming pool and now the gun club. We need baseball fields, business development space and here sits this airport that is rarely used for the amount of space it takes up. Plus if a major catastrophe such as an airline crash we would have four hospitals to handle the casualties versus two. Plenty of wheatland on the Palouse to turn into a needed regional airport.

Mike Kingsley
LMT April 7, 2002


You deserve better.
You deserve someone who understands that the services and infrastructure businesses need are important.

-John Rusche, MD