Accountable Government

It has been a goal of mine while representing the citizens of our area to try to figure out a way to make things work better.

One of the recent issues in Boise has been invalid, illegal and unwise actions that end up costing the state and the taxpayers millions. This includes things like the Idaho Education Network ($60 M), the SchoolNet project ($60 M), Corrections Corporation prison contract (unknown millions of fraudulent billings), pursuing known unconstitutional laws (4 million and legal fees and counting), and manipulations of the State Treasury (a loss of $9M and a whistleblower suit).

For three years I sponsored an Inspector General bill to add to State governmentimproved oversight and accountability. I had bipartisan support from Republicans and Democrats, representative and senators. I will continue to push given the opportunity.

I also co-chaired the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee which has investigated numerous State departments and does audits on executive department finances. I will continue to provide leadership for open, accountable State government.